April 17, 2014

Auto Show

(Faux) G'pa Scott & G'ma Pam gave us tickets to the auto show!  So after church on a Sunday, we borrowed Cooper's friend, Ethan, and went to check it out.

We grabbed a quick lunch at Qdoba...where kids eat free on the weekends.  :)

Once at the auto show we saw lot of, yes... cars. 

The boys thought it was great they could touch and even get inside.

Miles found his favorite quickly.

He is saving his money to buy this 'blue race car' as soon as he can drive.

The bigger boys checked out the engines.

And I heard them discussing which transformer this car looked like.

Then they took turns 'driving' each other around.

I'm fairly positive this is what my mind's eye will see in 10 years when they're asking to drive somewhere.   And I'll probably even be imagining that one of them will need to grab the owner's manual (as Cooper is here) to figure out how to drive....   :-/ 

They also climbed around in some pick up trucks.

 And jumped in a bounce house.

We stalked Captain America...

And finally got a photo with him.

There was face painting too.

This lady was so great and did Cooper and Ethan's at the same time.

While Miles was in the chair next to them.

After the big reveal...

We had two tigers and a spider! 

The lady doing Miles' paint laughed when he clearly stated he didn't want to look like spiderman, he wanted a spider face.  And then she did just what he wanted!

These tiger faces were fun...

And their lady told them they'd probably have to shave their chin whiskers in the morning.

 We saw some army recruiters who let the boys check out the hummer.

And even crawl around inside. 

On our way out we saw a very tall man.

Who, once we caught up, lifted Cooper up!

I might have been slightly terrified at first, but as you can tell, regained my composure and took a picture.  Although it doesn't take much composure for me to do the thing that comes most natural to me in these situations! :) 

 Our one and only attempt at a group photo as we left...  it will do.  Ha.

Then it was time to drop Ethan at his house on our way home.

Miles didn't personally witness that... or much of the drive home.

We had a great time!  Thanks, Scott & Pam!

April 16, 2014

A Date With the King

Derek has been needing some new jeans, so I finally talked him into a trip to the mall.  We made a date of it and had G'ma Pam come stay with the boys while we went out.  We struck out at the mall... on jeans anyway.  Derek scored these two Elvis cardboard cutouts on a closeout price at a novelty store.  Being an Elvis fan, he was thrilled with his find!

He got several funny comments and conversations before we got out the doors. But we finally headed to the car.

Where the cutouts were manipulated into the back seat.

We headed to another shopping area where we actually found jeans at Old Navy.
The look on my face is because I thought the time was taking forever. Oh well, captured the moment. 

After finding jeans, we headed to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the NCAA semi-finals.

And snacked on some nachos.

Then went home to find our boys all snuggled up enjoying time with (faux) G'ma Pam.

While I was asking how their evening went, Derek set up "The King"s in the boy's room and started a video camera.

Miles was asleep but Cooper was pretty surprised by his new roommates. 
Not very surprised though, the video isn't worth posting.  :)

However, had Derek had a camera recording me later that night when I walked down the hall and got startled by the cutout's silhouette in the office....  it would have been blackmail material! 

April 15, 2014

Happy Birthday, Jacob!

Today is my nephew, Jake's, 9th birthday!  Just after we moved to Peoria, my sister and her family moved to Texas...  so we see them a lot less often than when we lived in Kansas City and them in Wichita.  Proof of this is that I hardly have a picture of our kids together in the past year!  

We're planning to gather in Wichita in June for some time together.  Until then, Jake, enjoy this song just for you.   :)   We love you and wish you a wonderful day!

April 11, 2014


On April 1st I woke up and went out to get my first cup of coffee. Man was I disappointed when I noticed only hot water in the pot!  I must have forgotten to put the grounds in when I set the coffee the night before.  I kind of chuckled when I remembered the date...  and then I got serious again when I realized I'm old enough and forgetful enough to unintentionally play an April Fool's joke on myself...   :)

Later in the day I was hoping the boys dumping ALL of the toys our was just a prank.
It wasn't.

Cooper and I made some Brown E's for Derek for later, the first planned prank we came up with. We had been cutting for a while when Cooper said, "Oh, ha! Brown E's like brownies.  I get it!".  Ha ha ha ha ha.

He laughed even harder when he told Daddy that he made him some brownies and then handed him these.

Miles wasn't left out of the fun.  He put some bugs under Derek's covers to surprise him.
This got quite a laugh from the boys when Daddy found them and then yelled in "fright"!
They'd been waiting for the sound from their room.

April 9, 2014

Trying the Trampoline

Two weeks after Miles' surgery we finally let him try out the trampoline G'ma & G'pa brought for the boys.  He'd been watching Derek rough house with Cooper on there for over a week, so he was a little terrified timid to get on.

He asked to be held to start out.

Then we moved onto just holding hands.

And then he bounced a little on his own.

It didn't take long at all before he was jumping and having fun!

And doing some tricks.

He even lets Cooper bounce at the same time as him now! :)