August 31, 2015

Summer Slip-N Away

Weekends are for snoozing, right? 

And just relaxing with no schedule?

That's actually how most of our summer was, thankfully. 
It's been nice to have that time to adjust to having this guy around.

But before we all started school and schedules again, we went and grabbed a couple friends for the afternoon.  A perk of a bigger vehicle, room for friends!  We ran a couple errands and picked up Ethan and Malachi while we were out.

It only took a few minutes back at our house before they all quickly
(and wherever they were) changed into swim trunks...

And headed to put the sprinkler under the trampoline.

Next they set up the slip-n-slide for more fun.

And during snack time, I caught Derek out cleaning up uneaten ice cream keeping Malachi company while he finished eating.

Back instead a few video games were played.

Then some board games and Uno Moo. 

Later, Ethan and Kai's whole family came for dinner.  They're fostering twin girls that are exactly a month younger than Owen and together don't weigh as much as him, but no pictures allowed on the internet, so you'll have to settle for this picture of Miles' dessert creation: The Chocolate Chip Oreo Sandwich!

And the picture Miles took of the salad, because he thought the spinach looked like a dragon. :)

August 26, 2015

Bergquist Bunch Lunch

Some friends of ours from Wichita were in Chicago and asked if they could stop and see us as they traveled back though on their way home.
They have four boys... so first things first, the boys ran off some steam.

We eventually convinced them they were hungry and corralled them for some lunch.

Owen tried to sleep through the whole thing...

But I snagged him out of his bed to cuddle with my friend, Joy.

And to meet her husband, Chris.

He woke up enough to interact a little.

And take a group picture.  :)
We had a great time with the Bergquist bunch over lunch!

So much fun that Miles had a nap after the fun.
And when I woke him up he sleepily said, "I don't even know what happened."!

August 25, 2015

Soaking Some Summer

We all look forward to Derek coming home from work every night.  Some evenings, it's necessary for Daddy to spend some quality time with Owen while I finish getting dinner ready. 

And one evening after dinner, the boys went out to play and I got out these:

After Derek surprise ambushed the boys on the swing set, it was an all out free for all.

But mostly Daddy dominated.

While the boys spent most of the water balloon fight begging him not to get them. Ha!

While he did anyway and they ran 'for their lives'.

Or tried to come in the house.  Nope, sorry kid.  :)

Owen was safely inside wondering what all the commotion was.

We're just trying to soak in the last of summer.  (yes, pun intended.)

August 21, 2015

Saab Story

You might remember that when Derek and Cooper when to Iowa a while back they had a collision with a deer.  It busted up the car pretty good and our insurance decided the car wasn't worth the cost of repairs and declared our fun little Saab wagon totaled.

They gave us a fair payout for it (an amount we were thrilled with, actually) and we began the search for a new car.   That quickly and very unexpectedly turned into a search for...wait for it...  a minivan! :)   In all honestly the car was a bit cramped with all three boys in it.  And having driven a rental van when we were in Florida in the spring, we'd realized just how convenient they are.  Derek even had a camera guy at work suggest we look for a van, he's a young married guy with no kids and loves driving the rental vans when out on shoots.  Ha.  "They hold a lot of gear", I'm told.

So having decided we would be driving a minivan soon, we started our search.  We scouted out a few around town one weekend while Trey took the big boys to a movie...

Then did a couple test drives here and there in the evenings during the week.

Car dealerships aren't open on Sundays but a couple Saturdays were dedicated to the search.  And by search I mean that Miles searched for bugs...  no matter what we're doing, Miles will search for bugs. :)

One dealership had a play area, along with popcorn and drinks.

That was exciting...  ha.

Or a nice, cool place to take a nap. 
(Did I mention it was SO, SO hot the days we were searching?)

We looked, and re-looked at quite a few vans.

Checking them over carefully, sometimes at the lot after they'd closed. ha.

The excitement of this sort of thing wears off pretty quickly...

We were planning to make a short drive to look at a van one evening, and Cooper saw these coupons in the mail that day.  He'd been asking to go to Steak-n-Shake for a while!  Then he saw one that he was sure would lure me in... He mentioned it to me in a sing songy voice: "There's one for free coffee, Mom".  He knows me very well.

Miles was looking very sleeping once we hit the road and was fighting sleep because he was afraid he'd miss the test drive.  Once I informed him that we would make sure and take him along and not leave him sleeping, he was out within seconds.

We got to our destination and hopped in for spin. The boys realized this one had a DVD player/Media center and were immediately sure this was the one!

After our test drive, Derek and I thought it might be 'the one' too.
So the boys and I hung out while Derek tried to strike a deal with the salesman.

And the boys hunted bugs too.

Derek was able to make a deal, so then we had to wait around while the paperwork was ready for us.  There were more free sodas at this dealership...

So we took advantage of them ...

...while watching "American Ninja Warrior".

Soon, we were all done and on our way! Never say "never", huh?

The new "Mleynek Mobile" is a minivan!
A 2008 Chrysler Town & Country.

It was pretty late by the time it was all wrapped up.  And we grabbed dinner at Steak-n-Shake.  You're welcome, Cooper!  And thank you, random coupons in the mail.

Then we took the new ride home to introduce it to our garage.

It's sure not what I'd imagined I'd be driving a couple years ago, or maybe even a couple months ago, but it's where we're at in life right now and so far it's a great fit for us. (Sigh, yep.)