August 21, 2014

Getting Goods from Grandma

Also, while Derek was gone:  The boys got mail from Grandma Debbie!
It had a little spending money in it!

In the next couple days when we were out shopping, the boys picked out something to spend their money on. 

And then got out their money. 

And got ready to pay up.

Cooper picked something he had to add a couple more of his own dollars with.

And was very happy with his choice: Grimlock Transformer

Miles picked a little Night Fury dragon that was just under budget.
Yes... my ever cautious child take after me here too.

Thank you, Grandma!

And a quick update on my new niece, Alexa:
After spending her first 11 days in the hospital, she is finally at home!  There are some things they will keep on eye on down the road but she is doing well right now.

   And the whole family is happy to be settling in at home!

August 20, 2014


Also, while Derek was away: Grandma Pam stopped by.
She had a box and inside where goodies for the boys.

Miles dug right in.

And Cooper laughed that the frosting colored his teeth.

Thanks, (faux) Grandma Pam!

August 19, 2014

Boy & Bikes

Something else we did to keep our minds off of Derek being gone... 

Well, after Miles fueled himself for fun.

Was head over to Bicycle Safety Town.

Miles is getting more confidant on his bike, so stays on it more.

Although, I did still see some of this.

But quite a bit of this too.

When they weren't jumping off to chase some creature.

Between running, playing and riding, these guys were sweaty and gross when we got done.  It didn't help that it was a really humid day.  We still had fun!

August 18, 2014

Switch Up - Swimming

While Derek was gone on his California hunt, we went to the 'iPhone swallowing' lake again.  Only this time we switched it up and went across the pond to the neighbor's house. 

They were gone on vacation and had given our friends permission to use the pool in their absence.

So we did! :)   It was a super fun (and gorgeous) little pool.  It had a slide...

And a diving board.

The was a lot of sliding.

And a little lounging.  

At the end, Miles took his water wings off and realized he could touch in the entire shallow end.  So him and I stayed just a little longer than the others.

Which he thanked me for.

Then, of course, we did a little fishing before we left.

You can see the house we had been swimming at across the lake.

Cooper caught the only fish that day.

Well... there was a minnow too.  Jessica totally knows Miles' love language, she spent a lot of time waiting for one of the tiny little fish Miles had spotted to swim into her pitcher. 

But one finally did!

Then the poor little thing got picked on a little.

 It tried to evade the boys...

But they got him!

And held him.  Eww. 

It was a nice afternoon and a good distraction from Derek being gone.
...and my boys slept really well that night!

To end, because I like videos, here is one showing the fun.  I apologize that it's so long.  And also for you having to listen to me yelling at Miles to "sit down on his bottom".  Ha.

August 16, 2014

Hunting Hogs - Take Two

Around the middle of July, Derek went on a trip for work.  He still had unfilled hog tags from his last trip to California, so he went along as camera man on a blacktail deer hunt.  

And once Tony got his blacktail...

Derek got a chance to hunt for hogs.

And enjoy the scenery a little.

Spoiler Alert: He didn't get a hog. Again.

When Daddy is gone, two boys in our house think his spot in our bed is deemed theirs.

They also get spoiled in other ways when Daddy is out of town.  We eat out, maybe, once a month.  So it's a big treat to do so... I let them pick dinner out one night and they went all fancy on me: Jimmy John's!  :)

These guys think a ham and cheese sandwich tastes best if it comes in a Jimmy John's wrapper.

Since I took them out to eat, I talked them into letting me browse around Target a little too.

On Sunday, Cooper went to his friend's house after church, so it was just Miles and I for the afternoon.  And the roly poly Miles found on the playground and brought home with us.

Since it was just the two of us, we ate out again... whoa!
We just went to HyVee, but can you tell Miles is pretty excited?

We actually spent most of our week without Derek getting ready for, setting up decor and starting VBS.  It was a nice distraction...   and did I mention BUSY?