April 25, 2015

BPS Easter

We headed over to our local Bass Pro Shop for their Easter celebrations.  They have an egg hunt where you walk around and find an egg in each department, then return the eggs to the counter in exchange for candy.

We found one in toys.

In the shoe department.

The boats.

..got distracted by the fish tank.

But were soon on our way through the fishing department.

Where the lures proved to be very distracting.

We did find the eggs there though.

And passed this guy along the way.

Derek got in line to see the Easter Bunny while the boys and I exchanged eggs for candy.

Then did the craft.

I ran to Walmart and came back... (yep, long line during egg hunt time!!) and by then it was almost our turn.

Hello, Mr Easter Bunny!
(Worth the wait?  I'm not totally convinced!)

Then we went home, combed their hair and took some photos of the boys in their Easter outfits to post the next day.

April 24, 2015

Egg Hunt

The day before Easter we went to a nearby church to participate in their Easter Egg hunt.  We started things out with popcorn and lemonade.

Then killed some time waiting for the correct age group hunts.

Miles' time came first.  His hunt was inside in a classroom... 

There were a lot of 4-6 year olds and that hunt was over in about 1.3 minutes!

Before we went in, Miles heard the announcer ask that you return your eggs to the bins and take the candy home.  Miles misunderstood this and as he hunted eggs, I realized he was dumping the candy out and leaving the eggs behind!  Ha ha!!

He was proud of his stash.

Which he enjoyed some of while we waited for Cooper's turn.

Soon, Cooper was lined up and ready to go.

His strategy was to run to the back and start grabbing eggs before the other kids finished the front lines...  he was long gone in a matter of seconds.

And his plan worked, he scored quite a few eggs!

So they checked out the loot and emptied the candy to return Coop's eggs.

And came across one of the prized pieces of paper that meant Cooper got to redeem an Easter basket from inside!  The sun was in his eyes here, but he was ecstatic about it!  He still talks about how fun it was that he got that piece of paper.

Eggs collected and returned, candy in their buckets, we headed home.

Miles with all the candy in his bucket and Cooper with his new bucket full of goodies!

April 23, 2015

Eggtra Fun!

A couple days before Easter, we got out the leftover dye from last year and got ready to color some eggs!

We only had six eggs on hand, so I hard boiled them and got ready.  It was around this time Cooper said, "I kinda want to drink this, it looks like Gatorade."

We got some eggs into the dye...

and let them sit to color.

And soon we had six colored eggs!

And two happy boys. 

...and a few dyed fingers. 

April 22, 2015

31 Weeks = 9 To Go!

I'm a little in awe that my due date is only nine weeks away.  This has gone so fast!  I had a few photos in mind that I wanted to get before I'm enormous.  And since I'm starting to feel quite large... we got out the tripod and camera remote on Sunday.

And just had a little fun!

Cooper took most of these... with the camera on the tripod and pushing the button on the remote.  He thought it was fun and it helped us out.  :)

We have daily conversations about what life will be like after this baby is born.  The boys are so excited!  It's an element I've never had in pregnancy before.  I'm getting anxious to meet the person that's been growing in there all this time, but it's really fun anticipating the boys finally meeting their new sibling.  It adds even more joy to the process... something I never thought possible.

We are on the home stretch and haven't done a thing to prepare the baby's room or get ready. Hopefully I start nesting soon?? 

Because this baby will be peeking out to say 'hello' in what seems a very short amount of time!

As far as the baby's development, this week it is approximately 16 inches long and around 3 1/3 pounds...  or about the same size as Blister, the Switch and Go Dino.  :)

April 21, 2015

April Fool's

Koen and Keely were in town from Wichita visiting their (actual) Grandma Pam.  They came over and played one day while Pam worked...

 Then Koen came over one last time to play before she took them back home.  The boys all play well together and play hard, the only picture I got was of the few minutes they were sitting still...  but it was the exception, not the normal! :)

Koen went with us to AWANA that evening as Cooper's guest.  It was 'Think Summer" night, which worked great since it was a nice and warm 70ยบ day!

...and it was April 1st on the calendar.  Cooper and Miles have been scheming to get Daddy with a pie in the face for a while. (In return for a prank he played on them while I was in California) So April Fool's Day seemed appropriate to let them.  Derek worked late that night and we beat him home... he got a little surprise when he walked in!

The boys loved the whole thing! 

Derek was a really good sport about it!

Even though they got whipped cream on his Sitka Camo. HA!  The boys still crack up about this event...  I'm afraid of April Fool's Days in the future.