September 30, 2014

Orange You Glad...

Drew Mleynek had to work on Labor Day...
so after we had dinner at Derek's parents we headed over to Orange Leaf to say Hi.

While discussing these plans it came out that Drew actually doesn't really like it when we all show up at his place of employment.  I think it makes him feel awkward because he can't really socialize with us and we all watch him while he works. :)  So when we walked in, we all just pretended like we didn't know him.  I wish I'd have take a picture or Miles crying over it... he didn't like instructions to ignore Uncle Drew at all! ha.  Once Debbie paid for all of our ice cream, we did say HI.

And we enjoyed the treat.

Thanks, Grandma Debbie!

Cooper and Miles try to sit in every seat in the place while there...

While the rest of us enjoyed sitting around talking.

We even spotted Drew waiting on a local news anchor, Susan Peters.  Celebrity sighting! :)

And.....  Drew did come out and sit with us for just a few minutes. 
And he wasn't even upset we came to see him...  I don't think. 

We were heading home the next day, so I did some late night laundry. I may or may not have stood and watched my Mother-in-laws fancy washing machine at work for  a while.

Cooper and Miles gave Grandma her birthday gift too.

And then found their bed, which was an air mattress in the living room.

Even in the living room, with things going on around them, they were out fast!  So much fun in so little time!

September 29, 2014

Labor Day

On Labor Day we headed over to my parent's house for a while, where Miles and Jonah had a little conversation on the front porch.

While they watched their big brothers play basketball across the street.

There was time to play with Alexa.

And catch up with some of my cousins.

It was Mom's birthday so we stuck a candle in some oreos...

Lit it and sang "Happy Birthday".

My sister, Mona, and her twins came over too.

Lily kinda likes pink.

We hit the pool for a while.

Where Grandma kept track of the twins.
...she had good practice raising her own! :)

After all the pool fun...

We headed over to the house where the kids found a praying mantis.

The pleased Miles greatly.

Cooper examined it thoroughly. 

So it really surprised him when Papa pinched his backside!

And, as always, when at Papa & Grandma's...
You must go fishing.

September 28, 2014


Twelve years...
4, 383 days, since our wedding.
And every day is sweeter than the day before.

I'm not saying every day is perfect, each day brings it's own trials and struggles.
But I thank God daily for this man who walks beside me. every. day.

My heart is his.

Photo Credits: Cooper Mleynek

September 26, 2014

Miles' Morning Moment

On September 1st, Labor Day, Miles asked for hot cocoa at breakfast.
So Grandma Debbie made him some.  He enjoyed drinking it...

While he stared at a gift in front of him.

There was also a Birthday-Coffee-Cake.

Then Grandma explained it was all for him!

And lit the candles, so we sang.

He blew out the candles.

And ripped into the gift!

It was something Miles has been asking for for months!
"Little Toothless battles big monster"!

He hasn't seen Dragons 2 but this is a character from the movie.
And this one had crackers in it's mouth...thanks to Uncle Drew.

Miles thought it was funny.

And enjoyed this little celebration and gift very much!

Thanks, Grandma & Grandpa!

September 25, 2014

Sunday Celebration!

On Sunday afternoon we had a little birthday celebration.
These three have September Birthdays.  Mom's was the 1st, Miles the 4th and Jonah's the 23rd.  Also, New G'ma Jan's is the 18th and Angie's is Sep 20th.  That doesn't include the Birthday's we have on the Mleynek side: G'ma Jan's is the 4th, Debbie's is the 5th and Trey's is the 14th... whew. :)

We all gathered around to sing.

The soon-to-be-four-year-olds enjoyed it.

Then they blew out the candles!

And then Uncle Drew lit them again.

And sat back a laughed.

While they blew them out again.

After all that happen a few more times, they finally got to taste the cupcakes!

Jonah got a little on his face.

With Grandma's help!!

I can't remember why, but Miles was upset before this little party took place.

His face is splotchy in these pictures because he'd been crying, so Grandma must have had mercy on him because I don't see his cupcake smeared all over his face.

There were a few gifts to open next.

Jonah and Miles opened fun things from family.

While everyone else enjoyed some cake.

Later, Miles sat with Great Grandma telling her what a good day he had.  :)