July 31, 2015

Fun Friday

Friday's are our library/errand morning.  Here's how it went on a fun Friday we had recently.

Cooper was chosen as a volunteer to help with a magic show at the library.

Then we did some grocery shopping where we hit the Subway in Wal-Mart and used gifts cards from grandma.

Seriously, Subway and Jimmy Johns is their love language!

It all wore Owen out... home for a nap!

 But he was awake a little too.

But... what?!?  

This is the day he turned four weeks old!

Which means this was two weeks ago!

July 30, 2015

To Brighten a Rainy Day

Owen has been giving us some very interactive smiles!
...and it's so sweet!

He loves when his big brothers talk to him.

And they don't seem to run out of words.

He gets a lot of fishin' stories told to him. :)

Smiles can brighten any day.  Even this rainy day spent inside playing board games.  Miles beat Cooper and I at Monopoly Empire all while still in his jammies.  That made him smile.

Later, Cooper beat us at Candy Land.  That made him smile.
And it made me smile when Miles stuck his playing piece in the frame at the last second for this photo!

This was also the rainy day that Owen officially had a belly button! No more umbilical stump... my boys take forever to lose them.  He was almost four weeks old.

And helping with the baby makes big brothers smile.
They enjoy feeding him a bottle and burping him.

 ...things that will help pass a rainy day.

Which is good, we've had a lot of rain in Central Illinois!

July 29, 2015

Cow Appreciation Day 2015

We had barely finished up the stomach bug the boys shared...

But we had to get on with things,
it was one of our favorite days of the year...

A day when I put make shift hooves on my kids. 

And make tails out of pipe cleaners.

Ears and noses...  It's Cow Appreciation Day at Chick-fil-A!

Even though Owen can't eat chicken, he sported ears for his first Cow Appreciation Day.
(Then I stole them and wore them myself when we got to the restaurant. ha.) 

Cooper and Miles were ready to go get free food though.
They eat chicken!

We went in and ordered.

And chowed down. Cooper ordered an adult meal and ate it all!

Miles got carried away with the ketchup and dripped some on himself.

We can't wait for next year!

July 28, 2015

The Aftermath

I gathered an assortment of photos taken during the first fews days we were back from Iowa.  It's a random take on how very unstructured our days were.  :)

The boys were given some Legos (along with a baby gift for Owen) from a family member in Iowa.

So they spent the first morning back at home creating fun things.

 While Owen caught up on some sleep.
He was exhausted!

He also just wanted to cuddle a lot.  Fine with me. :) 

And then sleep some more.

He also had his two week check up a that week.  He was 9lbs 12oz and 21 inches.  All was good...
Except that while Owen was getting a clean bill of health, Cooper was at Daddy's office getting sick.  The start of a stomach bug the boys shared.  And we'd just gotten over the fevers and coughs!  Thankfully, through it all, Owen stayed well!

...and happily fed.  :)

And sleeping more.

And learning to take a bottle every now and then.

Which the big brothers love, since they can help out with feeding him!

I'm thankful it's summer and I haven't felt like we need to have a strict routine.
Because theres a lot of sleeping...

Doting on the baby...

More sleeping...

A few smiles...
(Three weeks old here!)

 And ignoring laundry to cuddle.

We were just enjoying life, unstructured. 

July 25, 2015

Independence Day - Goodbyes

The day we were to head home, Grandpa Gordie finally got his chance at Owen. :) 

And everyone took turns with him while I ate breakfast.

We ran over to Dale's parent's to say goodbye and
snapped this picture of four generations of Mleynek men. 

And ran into town to see our "Miami Cousin", Donna, when we found out she was there!

We saw her in Miami in March, but she got to meet Owen this time!

It was great to see her for just a few minutes.

We said our goodbyes to her...  or something.

And went back to load our things and say more goodbyes.

Then loaded up and hit the road for home!

We did make a pit stop at the World's Largest Truckstop. 

Where, among so may other treasures, you can buy a wolf t-shirt.

Or a walking cane. 

Or a coyote fur hat. 

Or hats made of many other furry animals.

Or while you're there you can take a shower, see a movie, get a haircut, have your teeth cleaned and do your laundry! 

And finally made it home in time to get pajamas on and head to bed!

We had a great weekend trip!