April 30, 2016

Spring Break in Wichita - Part 12 (The Finale!)

It was time to head home! Owen had one last breakfast at Grandma's.  
...shared with Daisy.

"Faux" G'ma Pam had come to Wichita on the train and surprised her daughter and family.  All so that she could ride along with us on our return trip.  Her grandkids talked us into staying for church.

It was Palm Sunday, so the kids paraded through the service during one of the songs, while waving palm branches.

Grandma carried Owen during this.

He liked it, watching her wave that branch around!

 The inevitable time to say goodbye finally came.
We enjoyed our Spring Break week so much!

We were pretty worn out by the time we got to Illinois!

But Owen was SO happy to be back home!

 And Derek was happy to have us home.
He even had flowers waiting for me...

April 29, 2016

Spring Break in Wichita - Part 11 (yes, really)

Cooper and Miles spend most of two days with G'ma Debbie. They did all sorts of fun things, and even talked her into taking them to DartWarz! Miles was the last man standing during one game. He later told me it was because he hid until the end. Ha.

Apparently that earned him (and Cooper) some ice cream!

Miles also spent time playing with Star Wars toys that used to be Uncle Drew and Trey's.  He loved them so much that they actually let him bring these home with him!

Owen and I showed up for dinner on the second night.  There was enough time to play with Grandpa.

And by "play", I mean "wrestling".

Dale also had time to check out an issue with my van's air conditioner.
(Because he's great like that!)

Grandma Debbie made homemade chicken nuggets.
Which Miles drown in ketchup.  Of course.

We watched the KU game and played games to end the evening.

April 28, 2016

Spring Break in Wichita - Part 10

We gathered at Mom's to cheer on the Shockers during another game of the NCAA Tournament.

Owen was less interested in the game and far more intrigued with Uncle Jonathan's crutches.

Grandma tried to distract him with a book.

Then Papa tickled his toes.

Owen had already had his turn throwing up... but Cooper took his turn that night. 
 Miles felt icky but perked up quickly.

They were both feeling good and ready to go the next morning,
so we took a quick photo with my Grandparents.

Cooper and Miles were headed to Grandma Debbie's for a fun day and then a sleepover.
Leaving Owen to play bumper cars with Great Grandpa.

Or with the bowls in the cupboard. Oops.

Alexa came to play and read more books.

And, yep, we watched more basketball.

Owen didn't even miss his big brothers at breakfast, since he had Great Grandpa.

...he tried to steal his walker while he wasn't looking.

He found Daisy to play with instead.

Then Grandpa gave him a ride later to say thanks for not taking off with the walker. :)

Cousin Kyndall came to play too.  Such fun!

April 27, 2016

Little Lyla May

I bring you another 'interruption' in the spring break posts to announce that I'm an Aunt again!

Lyla May Bauer was born Monday night (April 25th).
She's a perfect little 8lbs 3oz and 20.5 inches long.

My sister-in-law, Candice, is doing great.

And big sister, Kyndall, is in love.  She'll enjoy her new roll, I can already tell! :)

Such a cute family of four!

April 26, 2016

Spring Break in Wichita - Part 9

On Thursday morning, we laced up our walking shoes...
These Nike Shox were a gift to Josiah from Aunt Mandy. All the boy cousins have worn them!

And headed to meet our friends, Rachel & Kylee, at the zoo.

Kylee is very serious about using the map. She kept us on track the whole time.

We started at the flamingos.

Saw the penguins.

A few turtles.

And tortoises.

And a whole lot of creepy crawly things, like water monitors and snakes.

The kiddos were all great about my many suggestions for photo ops. 

And got a fairly close up look at a giraffe!

We packed a lunch, so we enjoyed a picnic.
Cooper was having a meltdown about the broken drink machine situation.
(insert eye roll)

We let the kids play on the playground a while, then headed off to see more animals.  Cooper kept saying he had "a motts on his shoe".  It took me quite a while to figure out it was a Motts brand fruit snack and get it, now gooey/melted/smashed, scraped off! ha.

Owen took advantage of the stroller for a little nap.

While I took more photos of kids acting like monkeys.

And posing on statues.

Kylee kept us moving right along with her map.

Even though it was in at least three pieces by lunch.

The lions were resting right by a viewing area. If you look closely, you can see my boys right by them.

Rachel took this photo up close, while I waited with the stroller away from the crowd.

That was about the time Owen woke up.

He was hungry, so while I fed him, Rachel took the big kids through the rainforest before we left.

Rachel and I have been friends since high school and it's great to get together when we can.  No matter how long it's been, we always pick up again like we just saw each other yesterday.