October 23, 2014

BPS Gift Card

Aunt Brenda sent Miles a gift card to the Bass Pro Shop for his birthday.  After the harvest fair, we stopped by on the way home to let him spend it.  He already knew exactly what he wanted, he'd had his eye on a "Cars" tackle box to match the fishing pole Aunt Anna gave him.

At first he thought it was gone, but found it behind the pink tackle boxes.

That was cause for celebration!

Once the tackle box was in hand, Miles went to shop for bait.

He had enough after the price of the tackle box to pick out a few.

Cooper helped him decide what would be best.

And he made his selection.

Then headed to settle up.

He's very happy with his purchase.  Thanks, Donnelly's!!

October 22, 2014

Harvest Fair 2014

Our church recently held an annual Harvest Fair.

We set up carnival games for kids to play.

It's free, so the kids play games to earn tickets.
(Derek and I each took shifts running games)

And then spend tickets on things like getting their face painted.

I gave Miles my phone with the front screen camera on so he could see himself.
He promptly took this selfie.  :)

A few tickets also got them a pony ride.

And couple tickets for the petting zoo.

There were all kinds of hands on...    skinks.


A goat.

A cavy.

A miniature horse.

A llama. 
...that spit in Cooper's face!

We spent a lot of time at the petting zoo! 

A lot.

Fun Fact: The whole petting zoo showed up in this van.
And then was loaded up into it at the end when they left!

A couple tickets bought a hot dog too.

And whatever tickets the kids had left, they spent on prizes. 

Well, apparently not all of them.
Since I found some in the washing machine later!

There was a bluegrass band.

And bugs.  Miles spent quite a bit of time searching for them.

And making a home for them.
There was a craft area too.

"Happy Fall Y'all"

 It was a fun afternoon for all! 

October 21, 2014

Great Fun

Derek's grandparents were traveling the Northeast and Canada for a 50th Anniversary celebration.  When weather got bad, they decided to head back home to Iowa.  They called us and said they'd be traveling through Peoria in a couple days and would visit!

They arrived in the afternoon before Derek and Trey were off work so the boys entertained them.  Grandpa Gordie watched the boys jumping on the trampoline.

They also showed Grandma Jan a few bugs.

We went over to their hotel where they fed us pizza.

Then we all took a dip in the pool. 

It was nice, warm and enjoyable. 

Derek threw the boys around a little.

And visited his grandparents.

But with the boys jumping in nearby...

I'm not sure how they talked much.

It was constant activity!

The boys did calm down and hang out in the hot tub for a second.

But went back to the big pool to swim soon!

We changed (some into pajamas) and grabbed popcorn and hot cocoa from the lobby on the way out!

Thanks for stopping, Grandpa & Grandma!  We had a great time.