February 6, 2016

Back at Home

The first day back at home, the boys put on their new WSU shirts from Grandma.
Then they added gym shorts and Nike socks.
We've come to call this the "Rouse Replica" outfit.  Their cousins dress like this! :)

Derek had to go back to work right away. 
So did I, apparently, but I wasn't really sure where to start.

So I sent the big boys out to check out the snow!

And cuddled the baby.

Who wasn't feeling great.  It might be because he was cutting teeth.

Or a touch of the cousin stomach bug.
And he doesn't know what a bucket is for!

It wasn't all bad though.  Mostly the days following our trip were spent trying out new toys.

February 5, 2016

Kansas Christmas - Part 8 (Finale!)

The last little bit of our time in Kansas included Owen hanging with Aunt Mik in her footie pajamas while listening to music on her phone...

And a little more time with Bauer Cousins...
Which means kisses from Lexa! :)

 And ice cream bars with Jaedyn.

A sister selfie.
(In between me giving haircuts, thus, the apron.)

And Derek and I snuck in a date the night before we left town.
We left the boys with Derek's parents and got this photo update while we were out: 

...out enjoying sushi.  It had been a long time!

We both agreed this dish was the best sushi we'd had since we were in Hawaii a few years ago.  YUM!
 (Ninza Sushi Bar - this is the Ninza Roll)

We returned to find the boys doing well. 
Even if G'ma had Owen's pinky.

We worked on the traditional holiday puzzle, but didn't get it completed.

Since we had to hit the road the next morning.
Yes, Miles has a barf bag, though mostly a precaution.  Jonah had a tummy bug the day before.

And since Miles and Jonah were tight this trip, we figured he'd be next.
They were close enough to breathe on each other at all times. :) 
As depicted in Miles' artwork:

Derek teases me, but I'd rather have a kid carrying a barf bag for no reason, than clean up barf if they needed it and didn't have it! 

We finally made it home to our own beds!
Can you tell Owen was happy about it?

...not something to be happy about was the water we found in the basement.

We've never had a wet basement before, but most people in town did after the storms that happened while we were gone.  Welcome home! :)

February 4, 2016

Kansas Christmas - Part 7

My parents put tickets to Dart Warz in all the kids' stockings.
So while all the cousins five years of age and older (along with Dads) went to have an elaborate Nerf gun war, some of us stayed behind with the babies.  Alexa really likes Owen.

Really likes Owen.

Like, whoa, really really likes Owen! :)

Dart Warz turned out to be a blast!

A fun time of wearing safety goggles and firing Nerf bullets at each other.

Or an excuse for the Dads to team up against the kids and shoot at them!

Back at the house, Lexa was still making sure Owen was well taken care of.

And when everyone was back to watch a movie, my Mom decided my sister and I should make a snack run.  But at the store I couldn't figure out which ice cream cones Ethan had asked for.  So I sent him this photo:

He replied (on G'ma's iPad while playing a game) that it was these!
Technology Wins! :)

February 3, 2016

Kansas Christmas - Part 6

My Dad's sister and her family came from Hutchinson to visit.
Owen got some great Auntie Sarah snuggles.

While the cousins had some game time.

Owen tried to pull on the Christmas Tree.

And then on Jonah's ear.

Later, at Mleynek's, we got out Cooper's new Pie Face game.

It was a 'hit'!
(pun totally intended!)

Owen got even more Auntie snuggles from Mikiah at bedtime.

The next day, we were instructed to bring Pie Face to the Bauer's for more pie fun.

Again... it was a smashing success.  :)

Two little girl cousins are great for entertaining Owen.

And Miles and Jonah make a great pair.

And what's this?  Mandy got in on the Pie Face too!

February 2, 2016

Cooper is EIGHT!

Eight, yes EIGHT!

Cooper is eight years old today.

 We're so very proud of him and the example he is to his brothers.

 I'm not sure who told him he could grow so tall and handsome...
he'll soon outgrow his Mama.

Cooper enjoys building with Legos and drawing, but is looking forward to fishing weather again.

He is doing well in 2nd grade and learning how to apply himself to his assignments.

He loves to laugh and has a happy heart. 

 Cooper and I went and shot these photos Saturday afternoon.  He's a great subject, as he's been posing for his Mama since (before) he was born!  Kid can work the camera! :)

It was a bit chilly though and we somehow found ourselves at a coffee shop sipping a warm cup of joe.  Cooper has always liked the stuff.  I'm looking forward to many more years of conversations across the table with this boy... 

Happy Birthday, Cooper!