July 31, 2014

Tooth Tugging

Cooper's second loose tooth had been loose for quite a while.
After our trip to Wichita, Derek checked it out to see if it was ready to pull yet.

He thought it was, so he gave it a tug!
(This photo is completely staged and untrue.  Just being real about being fake. :) )

Miles gave it a try too...  but the tooth remained in Cooper's mouth.

We laid him down to rest on Sunday afternoon and he got bored...
Tooth removed!

He's now one dollar closer to buying a Hookfang Dragon.

July 30, 2014

Up and Ready

Our first night back at home, Cooper told Derek he wanted to wake up early in the morning and go fishing.  Thinking there was no chance, Derek told him to come wake him up early and they'd go...  Cooper was at Derek's bedside at 6:30am ready to go fishing!  It was Saturday, so they woke Miles up (easily with that news) and headed to the pond.  They were about to give up without catching anything when they switched spots and Cooper pulled in this one.

It's a one photo post...  don't worry I'll make up for it.
Independence Day photo overload posts are coming!

July 29, 2014

The Road Home

Continuing with our trip home from Wichita, we woke up in Kansas City (Overland Park, KS) and Aunt Brenda fed us pancakes.  She knows exactly how to get my boys to love her even more! :)  We loaded up and had a very important stop before getting out of town... 

We stocked up on supplies at Trader Joe's.
The boys like any store that has kid carts.

And samples.

And I like any store that has dark chocolate.
(And a store that keeps frozen water bottles on hand to pack with my chocolate for a long trip!)

We finished our grocery shopping and off we went again.
One more stop though, while still in the land of QuikTrip!

And then we made it home!
...where flowers were in bloom.

But the rain that started soon after dashed the boys dreams of fishing that night.

But we were home!

July 28, 2014

Going, Going, Gone

:::tap, tap::: Is this thing on?  If anyone is still paying attention, I have fallen behind once again on posting.  Apparently blogging is not making it to the top of my to-do list lately.  I apologize to what readers I have left! Ha.  I also apologize that posts will now be so out of date, they're hardly relevant. But here we go.  Last time we met, I was telling you about our fun week spent in Wichita with family.   When it was time to part our ways, Miles and Jonah took one last look at Papa's pond.

Then all the kids humored me one last time and let me take a photo of them with Apple pencils from Aunt Anna.

After saying goodbye to the Rouses, we headed over to the Mleynek's to spend a little time before we left town.  The boys played a game of Battleship with G'pa Dale.

And saw Aunt Mal for a little while... who has since given birth to a baby girl. (on July 3rd)

And then this group humored me with a photo.

Drew was working that day at Orange Leaf, so we went to say goodbye to him over there.

And snuck in a little snack!
Grandma Debbie let Cooper fill his own.... and add his own sprinkles.

We all enjoyed a treat... thanks Debbie!

Drew even got to sit with us for a few minutes since they were slow.

Then we jetted back over to my parent's where we said our goodbyes to Briones.

My sister will have this baby girl anytime now!

More humoring me for photos... well, Miles didn't bother to wake up for it.
We said goodbye to Mom & Dad.

We broke up our trip back, so we drove as far as Kansas City and stopped to see Derek's brother, Tyler and his wife.  I meant to get a picture of Lauren's belly with my boys.  Yep!  Another baby on the way (a boy, due in August), that's four new cousins soon for my boys if anyone is counting!  I'm pretty sure I didn't get a photo because in the short time we were there, all the boys did was terrorize the fish.

We finally landed at our destination pretty late at night.  Thanks for letting us crash late and last minute, Aunt Brenda!

The boys talked Ryan into playing with marbles while he kept an eye on the NBA Draft.


July 23, 2014

Life at Grandma's

A few fun things about 'Life at Grandma's"...

Pancakes for breakfast on a weekday.

Or Grandma giving you money to buy a donut on the weekend.

Getting to hear Papa (My Dad) preach.

Pizza poolside.

Going to see a movie in a theater.
(Even if it was just for the $1.50 show)

"Safe on the couch" with Papa!

...which isn't really fun until someone needs a ice pack.

Life at Grandma's is exhausting. 

Enough so that even Cooper fell asleep watching cousins play a game.

Lastly: Don't tell Papa that Miles lost a roly poly in his chair.

July 21, 2014

The Alley

After we took care of some most important business...

My Mom took all the kids for an outing! (us Mommies got to go too.) Mom found a deal at "The Alley" that included unlimited bowling, go-karts and laser maze.  Grandkid fun to the extreme!

Bowling is always fun.

And it's even better with cousins!

After bowling we headed to go-karts.

Nope, Miles was not tall enough to ride the go-karts.

Cooper was... and whoa, did he think he was big stuff!

Next up, the laser maze.

You can watch the person doing the maze on the screen while you wait in line.

Cooper picked the hardest level when he went in...

Apparently he thinks he is a high level super spy.

Mom is A.D.D. so, instead of waiting in line, she took the kiddos that couldn't ride go-karts to play some games.

And she even did a roller coaster ride with them... and didn't even throw up!

Jonah and Grandma, both hyper-active, make a great pair.

Grandma let the 'big kids' do a few games too.

These guys had a blast.  All the kids did!

Thanks, Grandma!