March 4, 2015

Valentine Cookies

It didn't happen until the actual day of Valentine's, but we made cookies.

We got them baked and cooling, even after I messed up the ingredient amounts trying to halve it to make less.

Once cooled, we started frosting them!

 Cooper is getting good at this and likes to mimic all of mine.  He got a little too much frosting on this one, but his were very artistic!

Although it's always about this point I wonder why I though making this much of a mess would be fun.  :-/  Ha.

We got them done and cleaned up the kitchen though.  The end!

March 3, 2015


As Valentine's Day approached, the boys got fun mail.  I didn't even get a picture of the fun goodies they got from Rouse cousins! ...but Aunt Anna and Uncle Jared sent Valentine oranges from California.

The night before Valentine's Day, Derek and I got dressed up.
(And had Cooper snap a picture)

And went out for Italian food to celebrate an early Valentine's...

With all our Life Group friends from church.

Then went back and enjoyed coffee at the family's house where we'd left all our kids with a babysitter.  A great night with friends.

March 2, 2015

Replacement Gift

One of Cooper's Amazon Birthday list items somehow got sent from two different people.  Since getting a duplicate was an error on Amazon's end, they didn't charge us for a return mailing label and credited the amount back our account. Which meant Cooper got to choose another birthday gift from Amazon.  It arrived while we were at the library one day and was waiting on the step when we got home.

Cooper got to do the honors...

And Miles got to help.

He was so excited and couldn't get to it fast enough!

A Nerf gun!

They unpackaged it.

Put it together and got it set up. 

It did not disappoint and there have been a lot of Nerf wars around our house since!

February 20, 2015

Cooper's Birthday Scavenger Hunt

We have a tradition of a birthday hunt with clues to find gifts.  We got home from dinner and basketball practice and got right to it!

And Derek is a good sport and shoots and edits a video of the fun.

While I take photos (of course!) of the sweet moments.
So, here is Cooper's seventh birthday hunt video!

After the hunt, we put the candles in the cake.

Lit them...

Sang, and Cooper blew them out.

He asked for white cake with chocolate frosting.

Once cake was consumed, they wasted no time starting on new Lego sets.

Cooper and I were in it for the long haul.
We stayed up doing Legos and watching the KU game.

Then the birthday boy brushed his teeth with his new batter powered toothbrush and headed for bed.

It was a great day celebrating Cooper!

February 19, 2015

Cooper's Birthday

On Cooper's birthday, he begged to help me bake the cake.

He even watched as it actually baked.

Miles helped wrap a couple gifts.

Including some from family that were mailed.

Shipped via actually.  Cooper made a birthday list on the site and sent it to grandparents and aunts & uncles.  They were able to have things shipped directly to him.  It worked great for far away family! least I thought it did.  :)

We got school done, which is when I realized I should have made him put socks on his birthday list!
...these were new a couple months ago!!

Once Derek and Trey got home we went out for a dinner of Cooper's choice.
Texas Roadhouse.  Which he picked based solely on the fact his friend, Ethan, told him you can throw peanut shells on the floor! 

He filled his bucket with peanuts.

And was rather excited to find all Ethan told him to be true.

He didn't waste any time tossing shells to the floor.

He seemed like he knew he shouldn't be doing it... he had the funniest look on his face.  Ha. 

I thought he'd fill up on peanuts before his meal came, but when he ribs arrived, he tore right in!
(the kid's meals were half off for kid's night even!)

Derek helped him wash up at the end... ribs are messy!

Good pick, Cooper, we all enjoyed it.

Especially when they put him in the saddle...

And the whole restaurant gave a "Big Texas Yeehaw"!

Then it was off to basketball practice!

February 17, 2015

Happy Birthday, Anna!

Happy Birthday to my sister, Anna!  California sister weekend starts SOON!  See you then, hope you enjoy your day.  Love you.  (You should be glad I'm having issues with my photos.  I couldn't find one of you to add to this post!)

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February 12, 2015

20 Weeks - Halfway Update

Oh hey.  I've missed a few days of blogging due to computer/iPhoto issues.  As much as I love technology and the way it helps stay connected to geographically distant friends and family, it can be a pain when it doesn't work right or is outdated.  :-/   It's not all worked out, but I'll post when I can and catch up.

Let's start with this baby I'm growing
...and growing we are!
Last week was half way, 20 weeks!
This week our baby weighs about three-quarters of a pound and is approximately 10 1/2 inches long head to heel.

The boys enjoy keeping up to date on our baby's progress and we read the email update together every Monday when it comes to my email via  During the 18th week, we read that our baby was 5 1/2 inches from head to rump.  Later that week, Cooper brought me his Lego monkey and said, "This is about the size of our baby.".  We measured it and sure enough, it was.  So now every week Cooper and Miles look for toys that are the size of our baby for a visual comparison.

Last Friday, we had a sonogram.  We intentionally didn't find out the gender, but the boys were intrigued by the whole thing.  They cracked us all up several times with their comments, including once when Miles curled himself into a funny position and said, "The baby looks like this! Only with no shoes.".  The tech said, "How would it get shoes in there?" and Miles replied, "Mommy could eat some!"!!! 

We saw a cute little profile...

And clearly watched it touch it's face and then put fingers in it's little mouth.

We also saw a little foot.  But the sonogram tech was very careful to turn the screen away anywhere inbetween so we didn't see anything we didn't want to.   The boys were still trying to look and make guesses though!

We got a fun surprise at the end when the tech switched and did a 3D sonogram!  We didn't know we'd get that...  at first the baby hid from us.

But it was wiggling all over and moved to give us a nice glimpse of it's face.  When Cooper saw this, he said, "Just go down now, we'll be able to tell if it's a boy or girl!"!

I think (although hard to tell for sure) this looks a lot like Miles!

Having the boys be excited about it all has been so fun.  They were both (and Derek) able to feel the baby move as early as 14 weeks.  They're pretty obsessed with my belly and talk to the baby constantly.

Cooper likes to read to the baby during reading time.

And this baby already receives a lot of hugs and kisses.  Miles gets close to my belly every morning and says, "Good morning, baby" and then a "Good night, baby" every night.

It's been a very active baby so it gives the boys a lot to feel and watch.  In fact, at my 15 week appointment, the midwife we saw at our doctor's office saw my belly move when I laid back so she could measure me and check the heartbeat.  She laughed and asked if I felt that... Ha.  Yes!  Hopefully this little one is just making it's presence known and will be a quiet, content, still, lots-of-naps needing baby.  At least I can hope for that, right!?  :)

We're all looking forward to meeting this baby in June!