September 18, 2014

On We Go...

Staying with Aunt Brenda meant, even though she was working from home that day, she made pancakes in between work calls!  (Thanks again, Aunt Brenda!!) So we enjoyed breakfast before we hit the road.

Oh, and we made a pit stop before we exited Overland Park!

Derek really loves me... and my Mom.  :)   He had to rearrange a bit to fit all our goods in for the ride to Wichita.

We got it though, and after another car picnic...

And a drive through the Kansas Flint Hills...
During which Cooper said, "Look at all those cows!" (After Miles called them buffalo) "They have that whole huge yard?"!  We need more friends with farms, I guess... citified, my boys are!

Soon we made it to Wichita!!  Cousins greeted my kiddos before they even got out of the car.

And lots of hugs soon followed.

We didn't waste any time finding and snuggling Alexa either!!

I even shared for a minute to let Derek meet her.

The boys took advantage of Derek and I being occupied with her and headed for Papa's fish pond.

But took their turn with the baby very soon...

They checked her out from head to toe.
...or rubbed the silk edge on her blankie.  Miles says it passed inspection.

So did Alexa.  Yay for new cousins!

It didn't take long to settle in and we headed to the pool.

It's one of the things the boys really look forward too when headed to Gramma's!

We all enjoyed a little time cooling off.

Or just relaxing.

There was a little time later to watch Alexa.
Yep, just watch her.

Or if you're three, Gramma's iPad is pretty fun to watch too.

My Dad's parents were in town too, so the kids also spent some time catching up with Great Grandpa.

And the other Greats showed up before the day was over too!

Cooper even snuck in a walk to the pond with Daddy.
He's only been asking to go since June.

We stayed with Derek's parents so headed over there in the evening.  By bed time Miles was snuggling with Mleynek Grandparents...   or protecting his blankie from G'pa Dale.  

September 17, 2014

"The Moose Out Front Shoulda Told Ya"

We woke up on day two of our trip and pretty leisurely got around and ready.  Miles got distracted (not at all an uncommon occurrence) by Aunt Brenda's washing machine as we were headed out for the day.

And then again by the cat.

Once finally out, we headed to Crown Center.  Which was actually "Plan B".

For months we'd planned to spend some time in Kansas City on our way to Wichita for Labor Day weekend.  And for months we'd planned to spend the Thursday before at Worlds of Fun.  And if I hadn't checked their website (the day before we left!!!) looking for info on bad weather closings... Derek would have totally had to punch the moose in the nose Clark Griswold style! ("Family Vacation" reference is not recommending or endorsing the movie. ha) Worlds of Fun was closed on weekdays starting THAT week!  Argh.  So we decided, thanks to BOGO free tickets, to check out Legoland.

One of the first things was a 'ride'.  It's not Worlds of Fun, but still pretty fun.

There were virtual targets to shoot at and it kept track of our scores.

We also saw some Star Wars characters made out of Legos.

And impressive displays, including replicas of the city made of Legos!

And of course, lots of things to climb on and play with.

Like mega blocks.

And a glorified play place/Lego city.

There was a movie theater inside.

Where we got to watch not one, but two, 4D movies... since there were so few people there that day, they didn't stick to the schedule and just played two in a row.

A fun part of a 4D movie... it snowed in the theater!

There was a build and test area.

You can build a race car and then test it on the track.

Rebuild and make adjustments...

And race again!
(We spent a lot of time here!)

And again, it's no amusement park, but there was another ride!

Miles rode with me the first time.

And Cooper rode with me the second time.

While Miles rode with Daddy.

They would have ridden over and over and over.

But we hugged Batman.

Posed with a scuba diver...

And exited... through the gift shop, of course!  It's the only way out.  Clever.

We headed over to Crown Center where we rode another ride the escalator.

And found a table a Fritz's.

...where your food is delivered to you by a train.

And lowered to your table.

Miles had a cheeseburger and of course, dipped it in more ketchup.

As we walked through Crown Center, Miles said, "Mmmmm, I smell donuts!".  I think it was a fancy bakery he was smelling.  So we talked him into waiting a little while and we drove to QuickTrip where we got him a much cheaper donut.  :)

Next we headed back to spend a little more time with Mason.

He smiled at me....  I'm sure of it!

After we took a little tour of our old neighborhood and drove by our old house in Olathe, we met up with one of my cousins that attends MNU for a quick dinner.

And back to Mason to snuggle a little more.  (and to get Trey)

More examining.

He was awake a little this time so the boys thought him a little more interesting. :)

Back at Aunt Brenda's they found chasing the cats around with a flashlight really interesting.
Poor Ryan was trying to do homework.

We said goodbye to Ryan and Bruce then since they get up and leave early...
and well, we were on 'vacation'.  ha.