May 29, 2015

Kansas City!

We planned, sligthly last minute, to make a trip to Kansas City for a Derek's cousin's graduation party.  The boys were so excited to go visit family and counted down the days.  We told them we'd leave early on departure day, so Cooper woke me up at 5:30am saying, "I thought we were leaving early?".  Then he went back to sleep in my bed while I got ready!

I was 'cleared' by my doctor to make the trip at 34 weeks pregnant, but we had to make a lot of stops for stretching and restroom breaks!  We still made fairly good time and soon we had arrived at Derek's brother, Tyler, and wife, Lauren's, house.  Where as soon as "hello's" were said the boys had Uncle Ty showing them that the pond he drained with plans to fill in had refilled with rainwater.

And in a matter of seconds after that they were 'all in'.

Finding all sorts of fun creatures!

I found a fun little creature too. :)  Mason is very interactive and fun right now. 

Back in the house, the boys enjoyed playing with him too. 

And they all sat still long enough for a Mleynek "men" cousin picture.

Mason tolerates the boys' affection well.

Next they introduced Mason to "Wild Kratts".  Which he really liked!

He also liked Uncle Derek but wasn't too sure about that beard.

The next morning, the boys opted for a dip in the hot tub instead of bathing. :)

And after they were clean, dried and dressed, Derek and I snuck away for a few minutes to stock up on some Trader Joe's essentials.

G'ma Debbie, G'pa Dale, Drew and Mikiah arrived soon.
Grandma brought some goodies for the boys. 

Which Miles tried to share with Mason.

Grandma Jan and Grandpa Gordie also arrived and we had some time to relax and catch up.
We fit in a few haircuts and then got ready to join the party over at Aunt Brenda's!

May 28, 2015


Early this morning, I kissed my boys and loaded them up...

And sent them off to Wichita with "G'ma" Pam!
They're going to visit their actual Grandmas for more than a week.

Which will give me some seriously-quality-baby-prepping time! And a little stay-cation for Derek and I, we already have a few date nights planned.  You know, we plan to go see a movie, something we don't usually choose if we have just a little one-on-one time.  But with a whole week without kids, why not? And it might be a while before we have the opportunity again!

Back to the subject of baby prepping.  We went to tour the hospital yesterday and it surprised me how excited I felt after the tour.  That's not the fun part, for sure, but it is exciting! We've also slowly been getting the baby's room ready and the boys love to help.  We set up our crib a while back, and now have a rocking chair... that the boys 'helped' assemble.

And a shelf, also needing assembled.  Cooper ran the screwdriver again.

While Miles spilled the screws.

We've been practicing using the rocking chair. :)
I welcome the distraction from tasks at hand when Miles asks to cuddle.

He'll always be my baby, but he'll only be "the baby" for a little while longer.

May 27, 2015

Happy Birthday(s)!!

Our internet has been down... it's really messing with my game! :)  But I'm here!

And today is the day I wish some special people a happy birthday!

My sister, Mandy...

My brother, Drew... and his wife, Candice!

Mandy & Drew are twins and Drew married Candice, who shares his birthday.

Hope you all have a wonderful day!!  We love you!

May 25, 2015

36 Weeks!

36 weeks with baby #3 today!
Our baby weighs almost 6 pounds and is more than 18 1/2 inches long.

We're getting more and more excited all the time.

Cooper walked into the room I was in the other day and said, "Mom!! Your belly is getting HUGE!".

When out in public, I'm starting to get the random comments from strangers about my looking "ready to pop", "Must be close" and "Congratulations & Good Luck."

Maybe it's nesting, maybe it's panic, but I've been organizing, prepping freezer meals and buying diapers!  If only the burst of energy lasted a few minutes longer. :)

May 23, 2015

AWANA Year End Program

 Last Wednesday night was the year end program for AWANA.  It started with the pledges...

Next the Sparks (K-2nd Grades) and T&T (3rd-5th Grades) took the stage to sing.

Cooper found us in the crowd right away and gave a shy smile.

He's not really shy about singing though.  He loves to sing!  And I could pick his voice out of the kids. :)

Up next, the Cubbies (Preschool) took the stage to recite a few verses and sing some songs.

Miles also found us and gave a sheepish smile.

And joined in on the songs with little enthusiasm.

He suffers from stage fright a little more than his big brother.

He accepted his award from his teacher shyly too.
Miles moves up to Sparks next year and his teachers gave him a little goodbye gift.

Cooper also got an award for finishing book two.

Then things wrapped up with a video of the year in photos and we headed downstairs for ice cream sandwiches!

The boys enjoyed this school year of AWANA.
Thanks to their teacher and leaders for all they do!

They came home and hung up their awards and are already looking forward to next year.

May 20, 2015

Soccer Season 2015

We just wrapped up the boy's soccer season for the year.  This was Cooper's third year playing and Miles' first.  They were both excited, but especially Miles...  and the morning of his first practice it was 24º for an 8:30am practice!  Brrrrr....

All bundled up, he didn't seem to mind much. Especially when they handed out the jerseys and was randomly given #7.  He'd told me a few days earlier that he hoped he got #7!!! 

It had warmed up to a whopping 32º by the time Cooper's 10:30am practice started.

Having two kiddos playing meant twice as much time at the soccer complex.  Plus, there was sometimes a gap between practice/game times.  Miles learned Daddy's lap was the warmest place to watch from.

After a few practices, his first game day arrived and Miles was excited!

Maybe it was the excitement, but Miles showed a lot of potential in his fist game.  He took the ball down and scored in the first ten seconds of the game!  ...that must have satisfied him though, he didn't show as much ambition in following games.  Ha.

Four year old soccer games are mostly just humorous.  And may also be known as "huddle ball". 

The kids all go after the ball and spend the whole game in a cluster kicking at it.

Once in a while, someone will kick it free (this time Miles) and then everyone goes after it again.

Then keep kicking at the ball, usually kicking each other's shin guards more than the ball.

Getting to do the throw in is always a highlight.

Once in a while Miles would get some good kicks at the ball...

But most of the time he was too worried about bugs.

One of his favorite parts of his soccer season was when he got to hand out snacks.

Cooper's age level is a little more competitive, although neither of their teams keep score yet. 

They work a little more on field position and passing the ball to open teammates.

Cooper likes to play goalie.  I cringe every time he does though...  because he has a hard time paying attention.

He had a couple good stops, but gets distracted very easily!

And for some reason though he needed to hook the goalie shirt up over his ears when he was bored.

 He listened to his coaches well, thankfully, and improved a lot over the season.

And even ended up scoring a goal in two different games!

The weather was very fickle all season.  Some days it was freezing cold.

Then the next practice would be hot.

Then next time it would be cold enough Miles and I wanted to hang in the car during Cooper's practice.   (We often packed dinner to eat there since Miles had 5:30pm and Cooper had 6:30 practices on Mondays.)

Overall, it was a great experience for everyone.  We're thankful for the coaches who volunteered their time and did such a good job with the kids.  Coaching four year olds is similar to herding cats...

Cute cats, but still.

 The boys enjoyed playing soccer and making friends.

 And learning new skills and good sportsmanship.

 Miles ended his season the same way he started it, with a goal!  He scored in the first ten seconds... and the last ten seconds!  Can you tell he was happy about it?

Here's the secret: Daddy had bribed him.  :)
To try and get him to be more aggressive, Derek offered Miles $2 if he scored a goal.  To which Miles said, "How about a Bass Pro gift card?".  Ha ha ha ha.  Daddy agreed and was pretty surprised when Miles scored a couple games later, with only seconds to spare!  

Cooper ended his season passing out the snacks, which is a fun thing.

Two boys, two goals, one complete soccer season, lots of fun!  We're proud of them.