October 30, 2014

At the Dentist

Cooper and Miles had dentist appointments a while back.

Cooper did great.

Miles wasn't so sure about it.

But the hygienist worked with him and got him to laugh.

So, in short, she speaks Miles' love language.

They got along famously after that.

He really liked her when she let him pick out a toothbrush.

And they became best friends when she handed him the stickers.

A good check up for Miles!

Two boys with clean and sparkling pearly whites.

October 29, 2014

Praying Mantis

Miles, who is ever and always on the look out for a bug, saw a praying mantis on the window screen one evening.  The window was open...

So he shut the window and trapped it between the screen and the glass.
He was very excited!

Next, he recruited Uncle Trey and Cooper to help capture it.

And with Miles' coaching, they did!

It was secured in a jar.

Miles kept a very close eye on it after that.

And kept if for about a week, and had fun catching smaller bugs for it to eat.

October 28, 2014


Part of our weekly routine is going to the library on Friday mornings.
Our library has a bee hive so they boys always have a contest to see who can find the queen bee first. Cooper usually wins, but this time, Miles found her first!

Once we've located the queen bee, we head to 'busy bee' story time.
My boys started out on the first row on the step.  But I guess they wanted to be closer this time...

They kept scooting closer...

And closer...

And closer!

The next week we had a guest reading the story, who was also the author.   Cooper got to help with part of it.

They were spelling out the word "Verdant" and we talked about what it meant.
green with vegetation; covered with growing plants or grass:
a verdant oasis.

Each child got a print out of the word to take home.
Miles stuck his to his chin saying it stuck there by itself.
...with syrup leftover from breakfast pancakes.  Mom of the year right here.

After a coloring sheet, we were ready to go.

We checked out our books and left.
Miles picked books with a similar theme.

We enjoy library day.

October 27, 2014


On our anniversary, Derek was running the audio at church and I had nursery during first service.  So we all got up and left the house early, around 7am.  While Derek was busy during music practice, I took some pictures of the boys because they nearly matched.

And because the flowers were pretty.  Really, I don't need excuses to take pictures, but it was fun. :)

Cooper took one of Derek and I after church too...

We went home and ate lunch.  And then we spontaneously cleaned out the refrigerator after I refilled the drinking water and shut the door on the spout... pouring water out until I opened the fridge a little while later to have water pour out and the drawers filled with water.  That was fun.  Cooper thought he'd help out by eating the produce. And, "it's already washed" he said... since his apple had been floating in the drawer.

Trey watched the boys and Derek and went out for dinner.
We went to Happy Fish Sushi.

Where we stuffed ourselves with yummy...



And even though we were stuffed, we stopped at Sweet Cici's for a little fro-yo on the way home.

It was a very nice day and great evening celebrating twelve years with my favorite person.

October 23, 2014

BPS Gift Card

Aunt Brenda sent Miles a gift card to the Bass Pro Shop for his birthday.  After the harvest fair, we stopped by on the way home to let him spend it.  He already knew exactly what he wanted, he'd had his eye on a "Cars" tackle box to match the fishing pole Aunt Anna gave him.

At first he thought it was gone, but found it behind the pink tackle boxes.

That was cause for celebration!

Once the tackle box was in hand, Miles went to shop for bait.

He had enough after the price of the tackle box to pick out a few.

Cooper helped him decide what would be best.

And he made his selection.

Then headed to settle up.

He's very happy with his purchase.  Thanks, Donnelly's!!

October 22, 2014

Harvest Fair 2014

Our church recently held an annual Harvest Fair.

We set up carnival games for kids to play.

It's free, so the kids play games to earn tickets.
(Derek and I each took shifts running games)

And then spend tickets on things like getting their face painted.

I gave Miles my phone with the front screen camera on so he could see himself.
He promptly took this selfie.  :)

A few tickets also got them a pony ride.

And couple tickets for the petting zoo.

There were all kinds of hands on...    skinks.


A goat.

A cavy.

A miniature horse.

A llama. 
...that spit in Cooper's face!

We spent a lot of time at the petting zoo! 

A lot.

Fun Fact: The whole petting zoo showed up in this van.
And then was loaded up into it at the end when they left!

A couple tickets bought a hot dog too.

And whatever tickets the kids had left, they spent on prizes. 

Well, apparently not all of them.
Since I found some in the washing machine later!

There was a bluegrass band.

And bugs.  Miles spent quite a bit of time searching for them.

And making a home for them.
There was a craft area too.

"Happy Fall Y'all"

 It was a fun afternoon for all!