October 2, 2015

Birthday Dinner and Golf

Miles had a really hard time deciding where he wanted to eat for his birthday. We don't eat out much so he couldn't even name a favorite spot.  But kept asking to go to Panera, for one reason only: The pager that buzzes when your food is ready.  He also debated Buffalo Wild Wings since they have a pager that goes off when your table is ready.  But after a LOT of discussion about what he actually wanted to eat... he decided on Lou's Drive-In!

Because ultimately, burgers, fries, hot dogs and homemade root beer won.
And ketchup, lots of ketchup!

Uncle Trey came along to help in the celebrations too.

Owen doesn't know what fries taste like, so he didn't know what he was missing.

Or maybe he did, he got really fussy and grumpy mid meal.

So we finished up eating and made a pit stop at home to calm the baby.  :-/
Then we headed to play mini-golf.

Miles chose this activity for the second birthday in a row.

But we haven't been since last year, so a little refresher course was in order.

Derek forgot to grab a score card, but downloaded a free app that worked better.
But then he won... which I thought was rather suspicious. Ha.

He's still our hero though, since he fished Miles' ball out of the water.

Not once, but TWICE!

Anything for the birthday boy! 

October 1, 2015

Birthday Beginnings

The night before Miles' birthday, Cooper stayed up later than Miles so that he could help wrap Miles' gifts. 

Miles doesn't mind sleeping.  And he sleeps soundly enough that he didn't even know we put a balloon on his bed for him to see when he woke up.  This was done after Cooper went to sleep too...so when Cooper woke up in the night, he came to our room saying there was a bird or something in their room! (what?) Ha ha.

Miles woke up and brought his balloon out with him for breakfast.  He had requested a waffle, egg and bacon sandwich for this special day.

Though I'm pretty sure he didn't come up with that idea all on his own!

Miles got a birthday wish phone call from Grandma Debbie before he even started eating.

Later in the day, the big boys helped make a cake.

...the birthday boy always gets to lick the beater.

And Miles had a few more gifts arrive from family!
When he saw these he said, "Everyone is celebrating that it's my birthday!".

September 30, 2015

Dog Sitting

Trey needed us to watch Fonzy one day.
Cooper and Miles were so happy to say yes!

Fonzy just wasn't all that happy that Trey left.

He spent a good part of the day sleeping by the door waiting. 

He also played watchdog for Owen in between playing outside with the big boys.

I moved his bed near the door, and that's where he wanted to sleep.

Cooper tried to lift his spirits a little.  He is still a puppy and sleeps quite a bit when he's not playing.  Kinda like Owen.  :)    We had a fun day with Fonzy, even if I didn't capture the rambunctious moments. 

September 29, 2015

Rainbow Reader

We frequent our local library and are familiar with our children's librarian.  She thought of Cooper when she needed to nominate someone for the Rainbow Reader book review.   Cooper immediately answered YES when she asked if he was interested.  So he chose a book to review:
"Thidwick the Big-Hearted Moose" by Dr Seuss.
He (with help) wrote a script and memorized it.

 Then when the day and time came, Daddy took the boys to the television studio to record Cooper's segment. 

It was a fun experience for Cooper.
...and Miles enjoyed tagging along!

He did two complete takes then was on his way quickly!

With a Certificate of Achievement in hand.

Cooper recorded his segment in July.  We were later notified that it would air on September 8th at 7:27am.  So we were watching!  It was fun for all of us to see it on TV, especially Cooper.

We're proud of how well he did with memorizing and speaking.
Good Job, Cooper!

September 24, 2015

Headed Home

Owen had one last "conversation" with Papa before we loaded up and headed for home.

A trip which didn't result in many pictures.
One of the most exciting things was passing this truck full of baby piglets!  We could see so many little snouts sticking out!

It wasn't a flawless trip, we had to stop more than once to calm Owen down and tend to his needs.  But he decided he really liked the new blankie Grandma found him.

And although it was a long trip and took longer than "normal", we finally saw Peoria come into view.

We were all glad to be home.

It's always bittersweet.

September 23, 2015

Happy 5th Birthday, Jonah!

Happy Birthday to my nephew, Jonah!!

We hope you have a great day!

...and get your request of PB&J for dinner.  :)

September 22, 2015

Party Part Two!

We stayed at my parent's house while in Wichita.
This meant morning 'conversations' with Owen for G'ma & Papa.

Rouses stayed there too, so Jonah held Owen for the first time right before they left.  Goodbyes are sad, huh Owen?

Jaedyn took over and got things under control.

She wasn't around to calm Alexa a little later when it was time for these goodbyes.

We went to church with Derek's family.
Grandpa Dale and Owen were twinning.
And it wasn't even planned. :)

That afternoon, we we went over to Derek's brother's wife's parent's house
(did ya get that?) for Mason's birthday party!

We all gathered around and sang "Happy Birthday".

And Mason tried to blow out the candle.
He didn't. ha.

Then we all watched him devour his cupcake and half of another!

He loved it!
And has an appetite bigger than some grown ups!

My boys were way too much help when it came time to open gifts.

Mason didn't seem to mind though.

They fed us diner too.

Which Mason, of course, ate more than I did.

But my boys were more interested in playing outside.

Owen was fussy and it was hot.  He spent time inside with Grandma.

There was some archery practice going on outside.

And once that wrapped up, it was time to head down to the lake.

For fishing!!

Derek and Cooper did some fly fishing.

And Miles fished a little but mostly collected minnows.

While Owen was still inside with G'ma.

Miles was thrilled that he got to bring his catch inside.

Because Aunt Lauren's brother has a tank he keeps fish in.

He let him add some of his minnows to it,
which thrilled Miles a lot!

Owen missed the excitement when he finally fell asleep.

Miles stubbed his toe shortly before we left.
Thankfully, Laurne's Dad is a doctor... a chiropractor! :)
Dr Tim to the rescue with a band aid!

We had a great afternoon celebrating Mason's first birthday!

And back at Papa's house, all the cousins had gone home.
Daisy will have to do.