July 23, 2014

Life at Grandma's

A few fun things about 'Life at Grandma's"...

Pancakes for breakfast on a weekday.

Or Grandma giving you money to buy a donut on the weekend.

Getting to hear Papa (My Dad) preach.

Pizza poolside.

Going to see a movie in a theater.
(Even if it was just for the $1.50 show)

"Safe on the couch" with Papa!

...which isn't really fun until someone needs a ice pack.

Life at Grandma's is exhausting. 

Enough so that even Cooper fell asleep watching cousins play a game.

Lastly: Don't tell Papa that Miles lost a roly poly in his chair.

July 21, 2014

The Alley

After we took care of some most important business...

My Mom took all the kids for an outing! (us Mommies got to go too.) Mom found a deal at "The Alley" that included unlimited bowling, go-karts and laser maze.  Grandkid fun to the extreme!

Bowling is always fun.

And it's even better with cousins!

After bowling we headed to go-karts.

Nope, Miles was not tall enough to ride the go-karts.

Cooper was... and whoa, did he think he was big stuff!

Next up, the laser maze.

You can watch the person doing the maze on the screen while you wait in line.

Cooper picked the hardest level when he went in...

Apparently he thinks he is a high level super spy.

Mom is A.D.D. so, instead of waiting in line, she took the kiddos that couldn't ride go-karts to play some games.

And she even did a roller coaster ride with them... and didn't even throw up!

Jonah and Grandma, both hyper-active, make a great pair.

Grandma let the 'big kids' do a few games too.

These guys had a blast.  All the kids did!

Thanks, Grandma!

July 18, 2014

Bessmer Bunch

My Dad's sister and family live in Hutchinson, Kansas, about 45 minutes west of Wichita.  So they came and visited for a little while we were there.  Cooper and my cousin, TJ, chose fishing as the evening's form of entertainment.  

TJ got a little bass right away!

Derek caught a blue gill.

And Cooper got a bass pretty quick too.

Miles didn't get one, he was too busy checking out everyone else's catch... again.

The girls just did a lot of watching.

They did help hold the littler one's 'treasures' after a walk around the pond.

It was a fun couple of hours with my Aunt and cousins!

July 17, 2014

G'ma Debbie's

Before Derek left Wichita on the train to come home for the work week, we spent some time at his parent's house. It was nice and relaxing... until G'ma brought out the lizard!

The boys loved it though!

They also played a game with G'ma and Aunt Mik.  It would have lasted longer if they hadn't been eating the candy being used as missing game pieces.  :)

That was the night Miles' caught his first lightening bug of the season.

Chasing them entertained him for a long time.

Thanks to Debbie for driving Derek to the train station in the middle of the night too.  Especially since the train was running late and they ended up sitting there until early morning!

July 16, 2014


Along with a pond, my parents also have a neighborhood swimming pool (actually two identical pools) across the street from their house.  On Sunday afternoon, we all bombarded the place.

My sister, Mona, was there with her kids, so all the cousins were present.

Photo Op!  Bauer Grandkids!

Miles found that he can touch if he stands up tall.

Although he prefers swimming around under water.

Cooper is getting good at swimming and likes to be a daredevil. 

In fact, I noticed an obvious shift in play this trip.  He keeps up and hangs with the 'big boys' more than ever before.   ::Sniff::  

Speaking of big boys... they always put on a show for us.

It's always super summer fun to relax at the pool.

Ahem.  There was a lot of relaxing.

And good times all around.

July 15, 2014

Fishing with Voices of the Past

When the kids weren't playing in Papa's backyard fishpond...

They were fishing at the neighborhood pond across the street.

Cooper caught a fish on Daddy's fly rod for the first time.

And most of the kids pulled in fish pretty often.

They don't really like to take the hooks out though.
(This one was really stuck!)

And I'll go ahead and toot my own horn and say that Aunt Amy saved the day a lot.  :)

...which is good since even though my sister, Angie, reeled this one in, she didn't want to touch the fish to get the hook out.

Miles didn't catch one.
This photo is deceiving because it looks like his line is in the water while he waits.  In reality he spends most of his time 'fishing' asking for different bait, looking at his bait, walking to wherever someone else just caught a fish to see it or casting in the same spot ...and sometimes trying to cast towards a fish someone is releasing. 

He likes to touch and hold anyone else's catch though. 

So he wanders around, line OUT of the water checking things out.

And offering to release any fish that have been caught.

Sometimes Papa fishes with the grandkids.  My sister and I laughed while talking about how listening to Dad was like hearing voices from our childhood.  The things he was saying to the kids and even scolding them once in a while was very familiar... 

And we're pretty sure Dad was having flashbacks from our childhood too.
...as he untangled fishing lines!

Fishing is always fun.
But it's especially fun when you get to spend time with cousins while doing it.