January 28, 2015

You've Got Mail and New Year's Eve

In med-December, my boys got a package in the mail from G'ma & Papa...

It was a gingerbread house and there was a lot of excitement about it!

They got it out and examined it.  We didn't have time to get it out to assemble it, so it got put back in the box.  Apparently the bottom of the box was slightly open though because the next time Cooper picked it up, the parts all fell out of the bottom and most of the main pieces broke.  There was much sadness.

We went out of town for Christmas and still hadn't done anything with it.  So on New Year's Eve, we got it out and Derek was able to use the frosting to repair the broken pieces enough to put it together!

The boys loved it all and had a great time.
Daddy is our hero.

Daddy helped with some of the decorating too, but the boys did most of it.

We spend the rest of New Year's Eve lounging around by the 'fire'.  :)

And trying out the s'more maker Derek scored in the white elephant exchange.

You put your ingredients on it and put the whole device in the microwave and out come s'mores!

Gooey, yummy and sticky!

We also played games while waiting for the ball to drop.
(We might have only watched the East coast celebrate and went on to bed.)

January 27, 2015

The End

We planned to leave Wichita first thing Sunday morning.  But when we found out Derek's Dad, who is an Elder in their church, was preaching that week, we decided to stay for church.

My sister-in-law, Lauren's, parents live really close to the church, and even though they don't normally attend church there, they did to hear Dale preach.  Then invited us all over to eat pizza after.  So we ate quickly and snuck in a few Mason cuddles...

All of us...

Then hit the road for home!

Parts of the drive were very quiet.

We made it home around midnight... 
you can't tell what that is?  It's Peoria! 

Wow! It only took me a month of posts to tell you all about Christmas! 

January 26, 2015

The Aftermath...

We stayed in Wichita for a couple days after Christmas.
The boys woke up in the mornings at G'ma Debbie's and immediately played with new toys.

We spent more time at the other G'ma's too, where there were more games.

And more games.

And more games! 

Miles cuddled with Aunt Anna a little too. 

All those games wear a four year old out!

I also enjoyed a girls night with my sisters.
We went out for dinner... I had a Caprese salad.  It was delicious.

Then we headed to another place for coffee.

And dessert!

 I should have talked them into a group photo of the five of us, but really we were too busy enjoying ourselves.  And I was back at Mleyneks in time to put the boys in the bath.

 They might have gotten a little carried away with the bubble bath while I wasn't looking.

It nearly swallowed them up! :)

January 23, 2015

Urban Air Trampoline Park

I mentioned before that my parents got all the grandkids tickets to the trampoline park.  So we picked a day/time and went to check it out.  No hesitation, the kiddos jumped right in!
(ha, I crack myself up!)

There was a dodgeball court (referee and all) and it was pretty fun when the cousins figured out how to all get on one side and take on strangers. 

They had a great time.  Miles was even the last man standing once!

It was all a blur after that...

There was a foam pit to jump into...

Which went from jumping to canon balls.

Then progressed from there.

Until someone (Jake) was brave enough to try a flip.

Then several others went for it too.

Miles jumped, but he did so more conservatively than others.

G'ma Debbie was out running errands and stopped by to see how fun it was.

And the adults present took turns entertaining Alexa.

What a great time burning off some energy!

Thanks Grandma & Papa!!

January 22, 2015

Mleynek Christmas

Because of their work schedules, we celebrated Christmas with the Mleyneks on the day after Christmas.  We started out with homemade cinnamon rolls.
Aunt Mikiah got out some gingerbread man kits to do with the boys.

Miles may have taste tested the frosting.

But they spent quite a while working on these. 

They looked great when they were done.
Miles = Sugar High

And they must have tasted good too.

Once Dale got home from work and ate a little lunch, he read the Christmas story.

Then it was time for gifts.

They boys got some cool stuff.  Mason really liked watching their excitement.

Mason did well opening his own with some help.

But kept an eye on those big boys!

Who got all kinds of great things...  like a possum!
You might remember a picture of Miles holding this possum in a recent post.
Grandpa Dale said the look on his face meant he needed it.  Ha!

The boys had gift for G'ma & G'pa too.

Then it was time for the rest of us to do our white elephant exchange.
Something new we tried this year in place of drawing names.

 Somehow, some got a gift perfectly suited to them!

And after the opening, stealing and trading, we all went home with something fun.

...which all happened while the kids played with new toys.

Or just played around.

Mama Mleynek started the Christmas dinner prep.

Derek helped with some of his wild boar ribs on the grill.

Miles even helped for a while too.

We all relaxed and enjoyed the day... some while multitasking.